I'm starting to wonder if bears and Bigfoot are one and the same. There's brand new video that a midwestern guy shared that shows a bear in his backyard walking around like a human...or it is Bigfoot?

This happened in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The man who grabbed the video has a lot of bird feeders. Spoiler alert: if you put food in your backyard in bear country, you WILL see bears. That's exactly what happened here.

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Watch how skilled this big predator is at keeping his balance while only using his back feet.

I'm not the only person to wonder out loud if Bigfoot is really just a bear. The Washington Post shared an article years ago asking the same question. TIME even had a story about a possible bigfoot DNA that was examined and found to be a potential new species of bear. That could be a game-changer in the world of Bigfoot investigations.

Am I saying that this video proves that there is no Bigfoot? Of course not. But, I would say that if a creature like this in the wild which happens to be an unknown bear species that is perhaps more adept at walking on hind legs is discovered, you really would need to rethink what a Bigfoot really might be.

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