We live in very confusing times. It seems like so many people are having a hard time figuring it all out. That's true of animals, too. I can prove it with new video that shows a dog that seems to believe he really is a deer. Really.

This little dog is named Cornelius. Cornelius is having issues it seems as his owner shared this sweet status along with the video share:

Cornelius is a puppy that has been raised with a rescued deer named Deerick. Deerick recently had a fawn of her own named Fawnzie. Now Cornelius thinks he needs to graze with them every once in awhile. The family that grazes together stays together!

I am of the opinion that "Fawnzie" is the best deer name ever. Here's Cornelius and his Bambi friends in action.

I wasn't aware that deer and dogs got along so well. It's worth noting that the US Army (yes, the real US Army) warns that deer can be dangerous to dogs especially during rutting season. Probably not a good idea for Cornelius to get between these fawns and potential deer boyfriends in the fall. I can't believe I just had to write those words.

I'm not surprised that this tender deer/dog moment is currently trending on Digg. This confused world could use a few more innocent moments like this in my not-so-humble opinion.

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