You may think you've seen Bigfoot at some point in your life, but I bet you've never had one escort you down a mountain like a Missouri couple claim happened to them.

The story is based in Douglas County back in the 1920's. That's the south-central part of the state to the southeast of Springfield. It involves a story told by a woman's maternal grandmother. The family farmed and lived way back in the woods apparently. They were known as "hill folk". One of the sisters (Velma) in the family married a man named Orville.

One day they traveled by mule up into the Missouri hills. Velma started getting nervous as they got into heavier brush with many fallen trees around them. She noticed that the mule pulling them started to back up and his nostrils flared. He was afraid of...something.

They went ahead anyway and finally arrived at the destination where they and other families in the hills would be part of a celebration. Once the party concluded, they decided to head back down the mountain. Orville put Velma on the mule for their journey.

As they arrived at a narrow part of the trail, they could tell that something was wrong based on the nervousness of the mule. They were between two ridges and could sense they weren't alone. Orville heard a slight noise. He whispered to Velma "something is following us". A deep growl could be heard from one of the ridges above them.

As Orville grabbed his lantern, he could see the shadow of a large body adjacent to them followed by multiple screams from the ridge above.

Eventually, they made it down the mountain. Velma told her grandma about what they had encountered. Grandma turned pale as she told this story about how she had the same thing happen to her when she was 13. That time when she was also "escorted" down the Missouri hills by what she believed was a huge Bigfoot.

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