It is a simple question, but it is extremely hard to answer, who is the richest man in the Land of Lincoln?

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Well the question seems simple, and with a simple Google search you can find out the answer, and the answer according to is a man named Ken Griffin. On the website it says he is worth a staggering $16 BILLION... which is almost triple what the second richest man in Illinois is worth, a guy named Neil Bluhm at $5.7 Billion.

So that answers the question of WHO is the richest man in Illinois, BUT just because I found out the guys name I still don't know who he is. So luckily we live in 2021, so I googled his name and good old told me all about Ken Griffin.

Apparently he is a hedge fund guy, which means he makes all his money through investments in the stock market, the company that he founded and runs is called he Citadel. He does live in Chicago, and graduated from Harvard.

We hear so much about Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, and rightfully so, these men have mega money and put Ken Griffin to shame as far as money goes. BUT I feel like it is also important for us to not just get caught up in those few mega billionaire celebrities. There are so many names on the Forbes list of billionaires, all of these people are influencing government, laws, businesses, and directly having an impact on our day to day lives, you could walk down the street and have no idea you were walking next to Ken Griffin, the richest man in Illinois.

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