I may very well get laughed out of the room, but I'd like to share an idea with you. I think both Quincy and Hannibal should have tiny home communities. Please allow me to explain why.

First of all, this is not a new idea. There was a story on Insider this week about a tiny home village in Texas where 100 people live in 399 square foot homes. It's been a raging success. These types of communities are popping up all around America including this unique one in North Carolina.

If there is one need I've heard from multiple people over the past few years, it's the need for more affordable housing options in the tri-state area. If you've tried to find ANY rental recently, you know the struggle is real. I believe the availability of tiny homes for rent and/or purchase would completely change the dynamic of finding a place to live here.

There has been one unexpected side effect of these tiny home villages and it's wonderful:

A renewed sense of community

One resident of the tiny home village mentioned on Insider said if he had to leave, the thing he'd miss the most would be his neighbors. How long has it been since you've heard someone say that?

Laugh if you want. I get it. My wife thinks I'm out of my mind. (Editor's Note: She's correct.) If you have children, fitting your life into a space this small isn't easy if not impossible. However, imagine the potential influx of a younger population who might very well move here for opportunities if something like this was around.

I may be daydreaming, but I think tiny home communities in Quincy and Hannibal would be amazing. Now, let's see if anyone can make it happen.

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