What would you be willing to do so your family could travel across America without having the money for hotels or places to stay? One Midwest guy built a tiny cabin on wheels so he and his wife could travel the country and they're completely self-sufficient in it.

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I saw the YouTube channel Tiny Cabin Life share this interesting build with the following backstory. I believe they're from Minnesota based on their channel info. It's an 8 by 4 construction that they live and sleep in. Here's what they said:

I built our Travel Cabin to be our home away from home while we travel around the beautiful USA. Since building it, I've made major changes to not only the interior, but the exterior of the cabin, making it much more efficient and safe to tow down the road. The video will give you all of the specs and details of what is inside of our little Travel Cabin on Wheels.

I don't think I've seen a smaller space that you can actually sleep and live out of.

It has a diesel heater, a toilet that's really just a fancy bucket and a small couch that folds down into a bed. He's also really made smart decisions with small shelves to carry extra gear without taking up space they don't have to give. The outside shower he designed is genius although you'd need to be smart with your privacy parking skills to use it. The simple outdoor lighting trick is also neat.

Could you live in an 8 by 4 space so you could afford to travel America on the cheap? It would be difficult for most, but congrats to this guy and his gal on taking such a unique life journey.

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