Trail cam videos can be entertaining to watch especially when they capture the multitude of wildlife that frequent the backwoods of Missouri. A new trail cam share shows a very large visitor that wandered by. Can you say huge black bear?

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This video that was just uploaded to YouTube a few days ago features a Missouri trail cam with a time stamp of September 12, 2022 at 7:28pm. Based on the description, it appears the trail cam was setup to observe tree planting. What it ended up observing was quite a lot larger than tree seeds.

The timing of this video share is ironic considering that Missouri is in the middle of its second bear hunting season right now through October 26. Perhaps this big guy was out scouting for food sources before making himself scarce to hunters.

The trees being planted were Ozark Chinquapin based on the video title. While bears are known for being predators, most people don't realize most of their food sources are really plant-based. It's not uncommon for a bear to be foraging for plants more than trying to take down other wildlife. In its simplest terms, bears will eat whatever they can find that will fit in their mouth. The Yogi Bear cartoon wasn't that far off from reality.

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