It's good when someone visits or lives in your town and they love it and post a glowing review. But, I must confess that I find the 1-star reviews much more entertaining. I found several that were highly critical of Quincy including a claim that we have too many "Karens".

I checked out the city rating website Niche and sorted the reviews of Quincy by 1-star "terrible" only. Here are some highlights (or would it be lowlights?) of this group:

If you guys are from the city or a person of color. DO NOT MOVE TO QUINCY, Illinois. ... and there’s too much KARENS and plus fake people that live there.

Too many Karens? Hold on while I go speak with your manager.

Dodging potholes nearly everywhere. Ancestry seems towards German, who are rude, uneducated and uncivilized people. They do not want outsiders, especially if your from CA or TX. Closed minded hillbillies in this town.

Hey there. I'd like you to know that we are open-minded hillbillies here you sun-bathing Texan.

"Come on vacation, leave on probation" is the common phrase used to describe quincy.

Come on vacation, leave on probation? I love it when put-downs rhyme.

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Great place if you like meth, heroine or getting shot.

I'm not sure if they are complaining or advertising.

Quincy is horrible. The people are the most unfriendly I have ever met. The education system is very poor and the people in the system do not know any better. Everyone is Quincy born and raised.

Wait. I want to meet the people who AREN'T born and raised.

Not happy with it all. I hate the city and things around here are horrible. To expensive. If it wasn't for my kids wanting to go to school here i wouldn't stay

Not to be harsh, but I would have respected your review more if you had used the correct version of "too".

If you like hunting, farming, country music, big loud diesel pick-ups with big tires, camouflage everything, and Jesus, then this is the town for you.

Hey, you leave the Lord out of this.

If you'd like a good laugh, I'd suggest you check out all the bad reviews of Quincy on Niche and not just the ones I picked. Leave it to a hillbilly like me to be selective.

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