Faith Hill and Tim McGraw wished their daughter Happy Birthday on Sunday (Dec. 6), the day "baby" Audrey turned 19 years old. In her Instagram post, Hill recalls the scary way her "songbird" entered the world and praises the way she's handled herself since.

The video finds a 5-year-old Audrey singing "Dear Prudence" by the Beatles while standing on the couch. She has a cast on her left foot, but it's not hampering her theatrical performance.

"A broken ankle could not stop this child from her true passion," Hill writes in the caption of the Instagram video. "Singing and acting out every single song from Across the Universe which she listened to and watched 100 times!!!!!! Maybe more...."

Across the Universe is a 2007 musical drama starring Evan Rachel Wood. "Dear Prudence" was originally released by the Beatles in 1968.

"Audrey was born almost 8 weeks early, but we all knew from the moment she arrived that she was ready to conquer the world," Hill continues. "Her sisters gave her so much love and protection that she knew she would have wings to fly to any dream that she could imagine."

McGraw shared his own seven-picture birthday message on social media, including photos from when Audrey was just a little girl to more recent images.

"This lil punkin has been a full on million watt light in our lives since she arrived on this day ... 19 years ago," he says.

"Our youngest, our baby. You are so loved by everyone who knows you, but I want you to realize how deeply your mom, sisters and I love and adore you. You are a steadfast friend. Dedicated to what you believe and always willing to listen and learn. I admire you. All the happiness in the world will come your way if you lead with that solid gold heart you have and work your tail off."

The couple's other daughters are Grace, 23, and Maggie, 22, both of whom have left for college. When Audrey was born she spent several weeks in the NICU before coming home just before Christmas in 2001.

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