We all have that one friend that...stuff happens to because of questionable decisions. I think more than one of us can say that we have Arkansas friends that match this description. A new video shows what happened when one of them decided to hand-feed a squirrel and live to regret it.

I may be making the wrong assumption by saying that they regretted it. As a matter of fact, they seemed to enjoy what happened when Rocky the Flying Squirrel decided they didn't appreciate the hand feeding. Things are done a little differently in Arkansas if you've never had the pleasure of visiting.

Hey, it at least started out sweet. Too bad it didn't end that way...wait for it.

Here's what the lady had to say about this squirrel "moment":

I took the video camping in Arkansas, we saw this squirrel running around eating scraps and I decided I was gonna feed him out of my hand and as you can see in the video he didn’t like it when I moved my hand! He didn’t hurt me any just ran up my arm then ran off.

I don't mean this as an offense to Arkansas people. I mean...these folks have to live...somewhere. Might as well be Arkansas.

Glad the squirrel got some free food and glad the Arkansas person wasn't offended by the "attack". Everybody wins in this Arkansas wildlife scenario and that's a good thing.

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