I am a huge fan of Six Flags and have been most of my life. However, I believe that the amusement park on the other side of Missouri might be one of the most underrated parks in America.

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A YouTube guy did a new walkthrough of World's of Fun a few days ago and shared some interesting history I did not know about:

Worlds of Fun is a more than 235-acre entertainment complex located in Kansas City, Missouri, featuring the largest amusement park and water park in the Midwest. Founded by American businessmen Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman, the park opened in 1973 under the ownership of Hunt's company, Mid-America Enterprises. The water park was added in 1982 adjacent to the amusement park and named Oceans of Fun, which is included in the price of admission to Worlds of Fun. Both parks were sold to Cedar Fair in 1995 for $40 million.

A lot has changed since my family visited Worlds of Fun back during the late 1970's.

One of my most vivid memories from Worlds of Fun was the Orient Express. To this day, it was one of the wildest roller coasters I've ever been on. According to Coasterpedia, the Orient Express was removed way back in 2003 due to maintenance costs which is a shame.

US News and World Report shared what they consider the top 16 amusement parks and only Silver Dollar City gets a mention (which it also deserves I believe), you never see Worlds of Fun coming up in any "best of" lists. To me, that equals "very underrated" in my book. Always enjoyed Worlds of Fun and hope to visit again someday.

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