It's not unusual to see a light dart across the sky that you can't explain. It's yet another when you see a strange object for nearly an hour and it gets close enough that it sets off a car alarm. That's exactly what a recent report claims happened during a close encounter in Missouri.

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The National UFO Reporting Center documents this eyewitness report happened on June 22, 2022 near Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. It's a remarkably detailed description of what looked like multiple lights circling another light. Here is their word-for-word testimony:

There were lights on the object, The object changed color, There were electrical or magnetic effects...Fast moving agile lights seen over Worlds of Fun. We saw the lights watching for shooting stars. Seems to have central white light with 3 red light around it. Moving very fast but close making erratic swinging patterns and dives sometimes disappearing for several seconds. A car alarm went off shortly after no one was around and no one ever shut off the blinking lights but it stopped honking in ~10 seconds. A second identical object was spotted close by but they were not in sync.

The usual natural explanations for sky phenomena like this include known aircraft, weather balloons or atmospheric conditions. The fact that the lights changed color and appeared to circle a central object is unlike any of the usual rational explanations for UFO sightings. You also won't fine any known aircraft that move rapidly and erratic. Known physics just don't explain it.

By definition, this eyewitness saw a UFO. That doesn't mean it's of alien origin. It does mean something strange happened near Worlds of Fun this summer and it wasn't a new rollercoaster.

This report reminds me of the scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when Roy's truck went crazy when the UFO was over him.

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