The numbers show that over 25% of the flights booked in Illinois are all heading to the same place, meaning the people of Illinois love traveling there more than anywhere else.

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Florida is the place where the people from the Land of Lincoln go-to getaway. According to, 26% of the flights booked in Illinois are all traveling to Florida, the Sunshine State has a dominating lead over second and third place on the list, which are Nevada with 12% of flights and California with 11% (but really who in Illinois is traveling to "Nevada" that should just say Las Vegas). On the website they say...

"There is no personal income tax in Florida, where some Illinois residents already have second homes. Others are considering leaving the Midwest entirely to head to the Sunshine State."

Now what about our Missouri listeners, where do they travel to the most? Well on the list from Stacker, Missourians are a lot like Illinoians, 24% of the flights booked in the Show-Me State are to Florida, filled by 11% Nevada (Las Vegas), and 11% California. To see the full list of states and where they like to travel click here!

Clearly, the people of Illinois and Missouri think alike, we want warm weather, beaches, amusement parks, sunshine, and casinos when we travel far! What I find fascinating is that Florida was by far the state that was number 1 on other states' lists, but also that Illinois and Missouri didn't make the top 3 for any other state. If I was an elected official in Missouri or Illinois I would find that pretty alarming that our states aren't considered travel destinations to the other states, seems like a narrative I would work on changing.

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