You want this car? Because it’s only ours for a few more hours. We are straight up GIVING IT AWAY TONIGHT at a party over at Quincy University’s Friars’ Field beginning at 7:00.

Let’s see, we booked the band (Farm Rock), the food (Butcher Block), the drinks (Pepsi), and probably balloons too (I’m actually not sure about that last one, but we’ll find out together).

Only thing left to do is decide who gets this awesome Chevy Sonic! All you have to do is show up to this FREE show and register to be our seventh and final qualifier. During the concert, the seven finalists will be given a key. And if your key starts the car…it’s yours!

So, let’s recap…

What: Farm Rock Concert and Car Giveaway
Where: Quincy University’s Friars’ Field (20th and College)
When: Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 pm
How Much: FREE!

Remember, SIX people have already been selected as qualifiers (that list is available HERE).

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