If you follow any of the news outlets from St. Louis, you’ve probably seen quite a bit about the “Great American Solar Eclipse” in the last few days. Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible to much of the Greater St. Louis area (especially those southwest of the city) on August 21, 2017.

So if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if our area will be able to see it too. And unfortunately, we won’t—at least not a total eclipse. According to eclipse2017.com, those of us in Quincy, Hannibal, and the surrounding areas will see a partial eclipse, but are just a bit too far north to see the total solar eclipse in all its glory.

Maps courtesy of geology.com / Xavier Jubier / Google Maps / Eclipse2017.org

Fortunately, we’re not all that far away from its path. Moberly and Mexico Missouri are right on the outskirts of the map and are expected to see the partial phase start at 11:45 am and the “totality start” shortly after 1:00 pm.

But if you REALLY want to see it, you may want to drive a bit further down into Columbia, Boonville, or Fulton. These cities are just a couple hours away and fall right under the projected path of the eclipse (as noted by the blue line). Partial and totality start times will be similar.

Illinois cities in the eclipse trajectory are pretty far south and likely wouldn’t be very convenient to those in our region, but here’s the Illinois map if you’re interested.

Maps courtesy of geology.com / Xavier Jubier / Google Maps / Eclipse2017.org