When you think of giraffes, perhaps you don't immediately think of Missouri. Maybe that should change since there is a giraffe in Missouri that is very affectionate considering a new video share shows one of them giving a cute kid a big ole kiss on the head.

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This fun animal moment happened at the Wild Animal Safari in Stratford, Missouri. Here's how the kid's mom described the giraffe encounter:

We were visiting the wild animal safari in Missouri when we met the friendliest male giraffe. He was absolutely fascinated with our son Beckett

She wasn't kidding. This giraffe just can't get enough of Beckett's hair.

I've learned the hard way that if you go to a safari park that has giraffes, you better invest in the snacks the parks provide. Most giraffes will be expecting a handout and you better delivery unless you'd like a very tall enemy.

The Wild Animal Safari in Stratford, Missouri is a very family-friendly place. My wife immediately noticed that they have a white tiger so we now have a spring road trip destination.

Make sure to check out their official website if you'd like a giraffe to possibly kiss your child's head.

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