Tripadvisor ranks restaurants based on reviews, and only two of the top 30 restaurants have a perfect 5/5 rating.

Whenever I am planning a vacation I always use Tripadvisor! I am a firm believer in the reviews, have a Tripadvisor account, and even have the app on my phone. I'm currently trying to plan a trip this summer with a couple friends, and while I was on Tripadvisor I was curious to type in Quincy, IL as my destination to see what it said were the top things to do, and so on. Then when I clicked on the Top Restaurants tab I was shocked to see ONLY 2 of the top 30 reviewed restaurants in Quincy on Tripadvisor had a perfect 5/5 rating.

If you want to see the list for yourself on Tripadvisor CLICK HERE, but the website uses users reviews to rank their suggestions for the Top Restaurants. The number 1 ranked restaurant in Quincy is BoodaLu Steakhouse and it has over 200 reviews and a perfect 5/5 rating. the only other restaurant in the top 30 that has a perfect 5/5 rating is Dunnbelly Bar + Bistro with 30 reviews and it is ranked 9th on the list. If you dig deeper into the list you do find other Quincy establishments with 5/5 ratings but they only have a small number of reviews so Tripadvisor ranks them lower.

One thing that is for sure about Quincy is that we have a ton of great restaurants and dining options, so help out your favorite place get higher on the rankings with Tripadvisor by leaving them a positive rating and review!

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