Tripadvisor just released their Travelers' Choice Awards and there is a Quincy restaurant that earned the exclusive honor.

A big congratulations goes out to BoodaLu Steakhouse in Quincy winning the 2021 Traveler's Choice Award. This awards is given to restaurants that have "consistently delivers fantastic experiences to travelers around the world." BoodaLu made the exciting announcement on their Facebook Page.

This is a well deserved award, every time my husband and I eat at BoodaLu we get the very best in food, drinks, and service. It defiantly is a award well deserved and is also a win for Quincy. When people travel to Quincy, they can see that we have an award winning restaurant in our area, and hopefully this will make them stay in out town and enjoy everything else Quincy has to offer.

On Tripadvisor, BoodaLu is rated with 4 1/1 stars and over 100 comments all positive and the reason why the restaurant one such a prestigious award. We are so lucky to have amazing restaurants that offer such a different range of meu options for everyone to choose from.

BoodaLu is one of those classic Quincy restaurants that I always want to go too more, but the kids always drag me to McDonald's for nuggets and fries! So after reading the great news for BoodaLu and thinking about how lucky we are in Quincy to have a restaurant like BoodaLu, I have already texted my husband this morning "I don't care what we have going on Saturday night, I'm finding a sitter, you are putting on a collard shirt, I'm busting out my new dress and you are taking me to dinner!"

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