It's ranked as one of the top urban legends in Illinois, but is there any truth to it? It's an Illinois road that leads to a cemetery. That part is true. The legend says that the cemetery is guarded by hellhounds.

Dangerous Roads is one of the many websites that tells the story of Bloods Point Road in Boone County. Whenever you come across an article or video about Illinois Urban Legends, you'll find mentions of Bloods Point Road and how the trees will try to grab your vehicle as you drive down it and get closer to the cemetery. There are claims about the bridge being haunted because of an accident. Oh, and the cemetery is allegedly guarded by hellhounds.

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But, is there any truth to what is said about this road? If you believe a couple of locals who drove down the road and documented the trip, not likely. One of them has lived there for decades and does not recall any accidents.

Rockford Scanner did a fine job of chronicling all of the claims about Bloods Point Road.  While strange things have been reported there, the biggest problem seems to be the ghost hunters that trespass there. It's worth noting that there's a sign posted at the cemetery now mentioning that you will be arrested if you're in the cemetery after dark.

A more respectful investigation was done this past year which focused not on the legends, but the lives of those who are buried there.

The fact that the cemetery dates back to 1836 likely has much to do with how the stories have grown over the years about the demon dogs, etc. As I see it, it's a rural Illinois road that would be better off without all the tall tales.

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