If you were around during the summer of 1973, you might remember this. There were dozens of sightings in Illinois of a Bigfoot-like creature that became known as the "Big Muddy Monster". This is one legend that was very real for many nearly 50 years ago.

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When they were recounting the most famous urban legends in Illinois, Best Things Illinois ranked the "Big Muddy Monster" as one of the top 2 in history. As they tell it, there was a couple parked near the Big Muddy River that were charged by the creature. The smell was apparently putrid. It was 7 foot in height and covered in white hair.

The monster became so notorious it inspired an episode of Destination America.

Bob Reimen was a police officer who shared his encounter with the beast and described the blood-curdling scream he heard. He said it was a scream that raised to a very high pitch. They didn't fire their weapons because they thought the creature was too large to be brought down by gunfire.

Destination America via YouTube
Destination America via YouTube

The reports reached a fever pitch during June of 1973, but the sightings didn't stop then.

The Big Muddy Monster legend is unique in that the white hair is unlike any other regional Bigfoot or Mo-Mo reports. The stories aren't as common anymore, but they're still there. If you fish and/or camp near the Big Muddy River in Illinois, it might be more than just you and the fish spending time together.

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