I generally don't trust surveys, but this one included a lot of people who responded. We're talking about over 800,000 people who answered questions about winter. Their findings claim that Illinois hates winter more than Missouri. Let's find out why.

The survey was done by MSN asking their readers how they feel about winter. Their story was shared by Stacker. Since I only care about 2 states in particular, I'm choosing to ignore the rest. (Sorry, North Dakota, but it's true)

With the higher ranking meaning more favorable feelings about winter, Illinois sits near the bottom at #47. 25% of Illinoisans say they hate winter while only 13% admit to liking it a little bit. Why is Illinois so ticked about the prospect of cold weather? Mainly bad driving conditions and big heating bills. (Note: don't look at your heating bill this winter unless you have to)

What about the Show Me (winter?) State? Missouri isn't really that much more optimistic about snow and stuff than Illinois as it's ranked at #39. 22% of Missourians say they love winter (likely the ones who don't have to shovel their driveway) while only 22% say they hate winter.

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Let's try to look at this in a positive way. What do Missourians love about winter? Beautiful scenery is the #1 answer (remember this if you ever see this question on Family Feud). Many Illinoisans mention hot chocolate as one for the positive column. Hmm...chocolate.

Check out the Stacker story for more details and/or the states that I don't care about.

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