There are very few places in America where you can dive underwater in an old lead mine, but that's exactly what you can do in Missouri. Some divers have shared video of what lurks underneath those waters.

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There's no location quite like the Bonne Terre Mine. The official website says that you can "become a deep Earth explorer" and they aren't kidding. The lead mine operated for 100 years beginning in the 1860's and continuing until the 1960's. What used to be a functional mine is now underwater, but much of that rich history is still preserved below.

Not everyone is allowed to dive there. A professional dive team shared two different videos from different parts of the Bonne Terre Mine. This is trail #1.

The number of mine artifacts they find is incredible with mine carts full of old tools, etc. This is their dive in trail #2.

You don't have to be a diver to enjoy Bonne Terre Mine. They offer guided boat tours year round. USA Today named Bonne Terre Mine one of the best places you can dive in America and I fully understand the reason why.

If you decide to road trip to Bonne Terre, they advise that you arrive a half hour before the tour begins. Cost as of this writing is $28 for adults, children 11 and under cost $21. While it's not free, it's hard to compare such a unique destination where you can experience mining history in the middle of all that cold water.

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