The many caves in Missouri are useful for a lot of things. Did you know that the biggest is also used to preserve classic films and TV shows?

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The massive cave system in Kansas City, Missouri is actually one of if not the largest underground city in the world. It's called Subtropolis and one of the things it stores are classic films and television moments. You'll find everything from episodes of Seinfeld to Gone with the Wind to Marilyn Monroe TV appearances.

The archives stored beneath Missouri are huge. Hundreds of racks of film and TV here.

Great Big Story via YouTube
Great Big Story via YouTube

You can have piece of mind knowing that if there's a nuclear attack, all of the episodes of Seinfeld will be safe.

Great Big Story via YouTube
Great Big Story via YouTube

This whole place is like an underground fortress. A very white fortress of soft white rock.

Subtropolis is much more than a film preservatory. A few years ago, The Today Show got a guided tour of the many companies that utilize this cool underground space. That includes the government and many tech companies who's "hot" equipment benefits from the natural underground coolness.

Bloomberg says that Subtropolis is the size of 140 football fields and is even used as a distribution hub for the US Postal Service.

The official Subtropolis website says you can even store your vehicles there:

Open since 2007, our SubTropolis Storage facility safely stores RVs, boats, classic cars, jet skis, motorcycles, and more in our clean and dry, climate-controlled facility 150 feet below Kansas City

It's an interesting part of Missouri that resides hundreds of feet beneath the ground providing storage for things needed today and preserving the best from the past, too.

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