If a video is to be believed, there was a dogfight (sort of) between US fighter jets and UFO's over the middle part of Missouri. Call Mulder and Scully as The X-Files will certainly want to check this one out.

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I can't pinpoint the exact date when this video was taken, but I do know it's just been shared on YouTube. It purports to show a UFO (or UFO's) over Columbia, Missouri right after fighter jets flew by this guy's house. I did not see the fighter jets in what he shared, so I'll take his word for that as there are lots of fighters in Missouri thanks to Whiteman Air Force Base.

Here's a snippet of his "eyewitness" testimony:

Seen 3 of them in a row. Right after 5 fighter jets flew over heading north and very low. There were the only reason I was looking up.

Note that there's quite a bit of NSFW audio on this video.

Despite my automatic skepticism, that object does look a bit strange. However, it could be a conventional human aircraft with just the sun reflecting weird off of it. It is moving quick though. Hmm. Maybe Scully and Mulder should come out of retirement and check out this close encounter of the Columbia, Missouri kind. Wonder what this strange craft is up to? Maybe trying to sneak a peak at a Mizzou football game without paying. It's just a theory.

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