If you look hard enough, you can still see remnants of America from decades past. One ghost town in Missouri nearly disappeared, but thanks to one man it's now been returned to look like it's been frozen in time off of famous Route 66.

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This little slice of Americana in Missouri is known as Red Oak 2. Some travel vloggers just visited it and captured new video of the little town that was resurrected.

Thrillist did a great article on Red Oak 2, Missouri this summer. It tells the story of Lowell Davis who was born and raised in Red Oak, but had left for a job in Texas. In 1974, he decided to return home and the short version of the story is he used what little funds he had to try and restore the town he knew in Missouri growing up. That's why Red Oak 2 near Carthage, Missouri has a handful of buildings that have been restored to what they might have looked like 80 to 100 years ago.

Sadly, Lowell Davis is no longer with us as he passed away a few years ago, but you can read his autobiography available on Amazon appropriately titled "There Ain't No Memories in First Class".

Lowell Davis, Amazon
Lowell Davis, Amazon

Next time you're adventuring near Carthage, Missouri, make sure to take an hour or two and walk through Red Oak 2. It'll make you appreciate the efforts Lowell Davis made to preserve a tiny bit of the Route 66 America he grew up with.

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