There aren't many hanging on, but 2 Missouri drive-in theaters are still open this weekend for one simple reason: they refuse to die (and that's a good thing).

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As I've shared in the past, we're big fans of drive-in movie theaters - those of the past and ones we'd like to see reborn locally in the Hannibal/Quincy area. Sky-Hi Drive-In in Hannibal is just one of them.

There are two drive-in theaters I'd like to highlight that are still open and even showing movies this weekend. In no particular order, they are...(*drum roll*)

66 Drive-In in Carthage, Missouri

According to Drive-In, the 66 Drive-In opened in 1949. I mention this one specifically because it had gone dark and closed, but was reborn in 1997. It's only open part of the year, but it's still kicking because individuals (and community support) made it happen. According to their website, they're showing The Karate Kid & Goonies this weekend. Yay.

Starlite Drive-In in Cadet, Missouri

The Starlite Drive-In in Cadet just got a national shout out from Only In Your State for being the largest remaining drive-in movie theater in Missouri. Impressive. According to Drive-In, the Starlite first opened in 1952. It also is a successful resurrection story as it closed in 2009, but reopened the following year and is still kicking now. The unique thing about them is they feature 2 screens. This weekend, one screen has Beast and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies while the other has a retro double-feature of Grease and Footloose. Yay again.

Let's hope this slice of classic Americana never goes away and can find a way to survive this digital age.

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