1800 Sycamore Street in Quincy will be the most incredible place in the Tri-States to be this Saturday night!

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Ok well officially the Gems have their first game of the season on Thursday night against Springfield, and they play Friday night against Normal BUT... Saturday, May 29th the Quincy Gems play their first game at home in over 18 months and it will be glorious! Not only will it be home game against the rival Clinton Lumberjacks but it is also one of the special Gempire Nights!

Saturday nights Gempire Night theme is "Superhero Night" so come to the ball park ready to support your Gems dressed as your favorite hero. Plus on Gempire nights there is a lot more action at the ball park, according to the Facebook event for this Saturday's Gempire night they say...

"Character Appearances, Magnet Schedule Giveaway, Theme Jerseys + Jersey Auction, Amazing Tyler Performance, Frisbee Food Special, GEMPIRE Buffet (for exclusive ticket holders), On Field Game for a chance to win $10,000!!"

For more information check out the Facebook event page by clicking here!

For tickets to the game, and to see the Quincy Gems full 2021 schedule CLICK HERE.

I am beyond excited to get back out to the ballpark for Quincy Gems games, I had more fun at Gems games my first summer living here in 2019 than any other thing in the summer. The food is fantastic, the entertainment is classic minor league baseball fun, and the beer is cheap and cold. Also it's fun for families, or if you're on a date night too!

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