As a world-class entertainer, it’s no surprise that country star Reba McEntire has been tapped to instruct a MasterClass course on country music in winter of 2016. The singer will offer 20 exclusive video lessons on how to make it in the music business.

The course is $90, and pre-enrollment opened on Oct. 27. MasterClass is an online education platform that offers online classes covering a wide range of topics from famous instructors including Christina Aguilera, actor Kevin Spacey and more.

MasterClass marks the icon's first-ever involvement with online instruction.

"I love to learn from other people so working with MasterClass, being able to share some of the lessons I've been taught is exciting!" says McEntire in a press release.

Some of the topics she’ll cover in the course include how to create a “killer song,” her vocal technique and words of advice she’s gained throughout her career. In a video trailer for the online class, the singer gives viewers a taste of her vocal exercises, helps young singers hone their skills and performs a stripped down version of her classic hit, “Fancy.”

“I’m doing this MasterClass for anybody who is interesting in getting into the music business,” McEntire says. “We’re going to be talking about how to sing, what to do while you’re onstage, how to pick out a song.”

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