Yet another blow for the Quincy Mall came earlier this week when it was announced by Radio Shack that over 1700 stores nationwide would be closing their doors by the end of March. One of those stores is the Radio Shack in the Quincy Mall. 

This comes on the heels of the announcement earlier this year that J.C Penney will be closing their Quincy Mall store on April 4.

Radio Shack, a 95-year-old electronic store, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection on February 5. The 1784 stores represent approximately one-half of the stores the chain currently owns. The stores not closing will be sold to General Wireless and will also involve Sprint as well.

Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack said all closing locations are offering discounts of up to 50% off original prices on headphones, toys and other products. Discounts will apply to batteries and electronic components as well. Eventually, RadioShack will also sell their store fixtures and equipment.

The RadioShack in Hannibal is also on the list of stores that will be closing.