There is a new law in Illinois to protect workers who are enforcing mask requirements, here are the details.

Since March of this year the United States has been battling the coronavirus, each state has been handling the crisis in their own way, and here in Illinois a new law has passed to help protect the workers who are enforcing mask requirements.

According to the USA Today, Illinois Governor Pritzker signed a new law Friday that makes it a felony if you assault a worker who is enforcing a mask requirement. On USA Today's website they say...

"Assaulting a worker who is enforcing face mask policies is now a felony in Illinois...Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law Friday that includes a penalty for assaulting a retail worker who is conveying public health guidance, such as requiring patrons to wear face coverings or promoting social distancing....A simple battery charge is considered a misdemeanor and can result in up to a year in prison. An aggravated battery charge, on the other hand, is a felony that can result in a sentence of up to five years in prison."

These laws go into effect immediately, to read more of this article from the USA Today, click here!

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Whether you agree with wearing masks or not isn't the issue here. No one has the right to assault or injure a worker at their business for just doing their job. If you don't want to wear a mask inside of a business that requires a mask then don't go to that business, certainly no one should ever lay a hand on an employee for enforcing their businesses mask policies.

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