It's been said that if you don't know who the half-naked hacky sack guy is, then you have never been to Mizzou. It sounds outrageous, but that is 100% truth when it comes to one of the best foot bag guys in the world.

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Kudos to Vice on this nice expose of Derrick Fogle. Here's a snippet of their description on YouTube telling about the greatness of this foot champion:

Derrick Fogle is a world renowned foot-bag player, a former speed consecutive Guinness World Record holder and a foot-bag Hall of Fame inductee. He has attained status as one of the oldest, continually active kickers in the world and is a legendary fixture on the University of Missouri campus.

NOTE: he's not always half-naked, but it is sometimes true on a hot day in Columbia.

The Columbia Missourian documented Derrick's Guinness Book of World Record back in 2018. It was for distance traveled while controlling a foot bag where Derrick managed to keep his hacky sack skills going for a staggering 5,053.9 meters. That's one of the reasons why you'll see Derrick Fogle's profile at World Footbag (yes, there is such a site).

Next time you're in Columbia, venture through Speaker's Circle during the day and there's a good chance you'll see Derrick's feet and the hacky sack in action. He (and his foot bags aka hacky sacks) are a staple at Mizzou and that will hopefully continue to be true. We need more unique individuals like Derrick in this world.

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