If you live for adventuring in the great outdoors, you don't have to travel far. One of the best places in the world for outdoor adventures is a state park in Missouri based on a new international ranking.

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This prestigious list of great outdoor places truly spans the world. TripSavvy's 2022 Editor's Choice Awards included Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Missouri as one of the top destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. They're not wrong, by the way.

Why did TripSavvy declare Ha Ha Tonka State Park as one of the world's best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts? Here's a little of what they said:

Ha Ha Tonka is the kind of place non-Missourians would be surprised to find in Missouri if they think the state is either all farmland, or St. Louis. It's on the Lake of the Ozarks and highlighted by an abandoned turn-of-the-century castle that burned down in the 1940s.

That turn-of-the-century castle is one of the most iconic sights you'll see in Missouri that most people not from Missouri don't know about.

The entire TripSavvy list of best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts is worth a read as you'll quite literally see places around the world. Incredible that one of them is this gorgeous place in the middle of Missouri.

You can also find out more about road-tripping to Ha Ha Tonka State Park through the official state of Missouri website.

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