If you didn't already know that you need to be careful if you make the decision to burn fall leaves, there's a helpful reminder thanks to a video shared by a Missouri man who nearly torched himself along with the dead leaves.

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There's no specific location given for this close call video moment other than it happened somewhere in Missouri. The video which was just shared this week included a simple but fact-filled description:

Man goes to burn his leaf pile and almost catches himself on fire in the process.

That description is accurate. Behold man ingenuity at work once again.

I've never been accused of being an intellectual. Shocking, I know. However even I know that when you put fire next to extremely dry objects, you need to be where the dry objects are not. This guy nearly learned that lesson the extremely hard way.

Fortunately, this video moment does not include anyone getting hurt. Just a little bruised ego maybe as the burning leaf pile in the man's backyard nearly became him.

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