He didn't mean to do it. Seriously. A Missouri man is now $77,777 richer due to the fact that he was given a lottery ticket he didn't want.

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The UPI just reported on the good fortunes (literally) of a man who has not yet been identified. As they tell it, he went into a store and wasn't paying much attention to the type of lottery ticket he was given. What he ended up with was a Hot 7 Missouri lottery ticket that was just launched back in February.

The grand prize for the Hot 7 lottery ticket is $777,777. He ended up with the next best thing which was $77,777. There's no mention of what location in Missouri he bought the lottery ticket from.

They report that the man is pretty stunned by his newfound fortune and has not decided what he'll use the money for. He also didn't mention the type of ticket he was trying to purchase when this lucky one jumped into his lap.

He said "it was a fluke" and that the reality of winning "hasn't sunken in yet". I think there are many of us who would love to accidentally walk into a $77,777 fortune. That is very much a happy accident.

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