Upon the release of Leave the Light On in May of 1989, newcomer Lorrie Morgan became one of country music's most recognizable and powerful voices. The album peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Top Country Album charts, produced four Top 10 hits and has since been certified platinum.

Thirty-two years after its release, The Boot has ranked every song on Leave the Light On, from "Trainwreck of Emotion" to "If I Didn't Love You." The tracks are listed in descending order, but to be honest, they're all equally worthy of a re-listen all these years later.

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    "If I Didn't Love You"

    In "If I Didn't Love You," one of many heartbreak-focused songs on Leave the Light On, Morgan takes on the most devastating type of breakup: having to leave a person you're still totally in love with, but who is also totally wrong for you.

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    "It's Too Late (to Love Me Now)"

    First recorded by Dolly Parton in 1978, "It's Too Late (to Love Me Now)" finds Morgan tired of waiting around for a man who doesn't treat her right.

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    "Eight Days a Week"

    Morgan's take on this Beatles classic is infectiously fun. She gives the hit a totally country revamp, including twangy guitars and fiddle. Weirdly, this version of "Eight Days a Week" wasn't included on the album until it was released on compact disc a few years after its initial debut.

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    "Far Side of the Bed"

    Written by Susie McCoy, "Far Side of the Bed" explores the complicated feelings of a loveless marriage, and it doesn't really pull any punches. The song also includes what may be one of the finest country lyrics of all time: "'I love you' doesn't mean much from the far side of the bed."

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    "I'll Take the Memories"

    There's no denying that "I'll Take the Memories," a song about splitting up possessions after a divorce, is a really sad tune. "As we're saying our goodbyes, I want to tell you / You can take the things you want and leave the things you don't," Morgan sings. "But as for me, I'll take the memories."

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    "Out of Your Shoes"

    The third single from Leave the Light On, "Out of Your Shoes" is Morgan's second-highest-charting hit from the album. It's sort of a predecessor to Little Big Town's "Girl Crush," in that it's spoken directly to the "other woman."

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    "He Talks to Me"

    Alongside the heartbreak tunes on Leave the Light On, there's also "He Talks to Me," a sweet anthem to a tender, hard-working man who actually listens. "Now you can talk about the finer things / Big cars and diamond rings that light up your life," Morgan sings. "But let me tell you that the finest thing is the joy he brings." Awwww, how sweet!

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    "Gonna Leave the Light On"

    The song that inspired Morgan's debut album's title, "Gonna Leave the Light On," is a total tearjerker, about a woman who's still pining for the love she's lost.

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    "Dear Me"

    With "Dear Me," Morgan proves that she's not just a belter of bold ballads. On this quiet, emotional tune, she kicks herself a little bit for letting a good man slip away: "Dear me, how could I turn away when he needed me?" she sings. "Now all that's left to say is / Dear me, what have I done?" Ouch!

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    "Trainwreck of Emotion"

    Morgan's signature sass is on prominent display in "Trainwreck of Emotion," the lead song on Leave the Light On. It's a little bit dramatic, endlessly catchy and perfectly relatable for anyone who's ever dealt with an awful heartbreak.

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    "Five Minutes"

    This punchy, fiery song about a relationship that's on the rocks gives the song's antagonist "five minutes" to get it together and start treating Morgan right. It scored the artist her very first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, in 1990.

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