Alan Madden Gravesite, Jeff Dorsey
Alan Madden Gravesite, Jeff Dorsey

It was the morning of January 11, 1981 and 5-year-old Alan Edward Madden awakened to what unfortunately would be the final day of his life. What happened to this little defenseless boy goes beyond description. At the age of 5, little Alan was beaten to death by his mother, Pamela Berg, and her boyfriend from Peoria, James Crain.  Both were tried and convicted.

The community, after hearing of this senseless beating, was outraged. The story went nationwide as well putting a black mark on the City of Quincy for all to see. The black mark would go away but what happened to little Alan never will. Alan would have been 41 years old now.

Berg and Crain both received 10 year sentences. Where they both are now is unknown. This case prompted calls from all over the State of Illinois and led to the reform the child welfare laws in the state.

36 years have passed and if you go by Graceland Cemetery at 38th and Maine in Quincy you will always see a new floral arraignment on the grave site. Tonight at sunset, one of the people who has never forgotten Alan, Chris Prewitt, will be lighting a candle and placing it at Alan’s resting place as he has for years.

The public is invited to do the same tonight. Thanks Chris and everyone else for never forgetting little Alan Madden and keeping his memory alive.

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