Between streaming services, movies on demand, and the COVID-19 pandemic it looks like the last standing video store will be closing their doors.

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I've always said every time I pass Family Video; I think to myself, "man I can't believe that place is still open." Well, no more. The official notice was sent out today that all remaining Family Video locations (which is about 250) will close their doors for good. It's just too easy for people to have access to movies, shows, and video games these days and the franchise can't compete with it anymore. Both the Quincy and Hannibal locations will be closing.

According to several news outlets, liquidation sales have already begun in the remaining stores, and will remain open until most of the stock is sold. I remember as a kid going to the video store and renting the new movies that I didn't get to see in the theatre, getting a box of candy, and just getting lost in a movie. Now I have to admit, I have not been in Family Video for some time, access to the streaming services that I have and VOD is just too easy not to just press a button, then getting in the car and heading to the store to grab the same movie. Family Video stayed open years after Blockbuster went bankrupt and close all their locations. There is one Blockbuster left in Seattle.

There is no word on when the movie store will be closing for good, we will keep you posted.

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