If you've shopped at a convenience store in Canton, Missouri recently, you need to keep a close eye on transactions through your bank as police have confirmed a card skimmer has just been located there.

The Canton, Missouri Police Department just shared this update on their Facebook page about what was just uncovered at Casey's in Canton.

I won't assume you can see all the text from the Canton, Missouri police on your device, so I'll summarize. A card skimmer was found on Tuesday, July 9 at the Casey's in Canton at 114 South 4th Street. They believe it may have been deployed there as far back as July 3 just prior to the Fourth of July weekend.

That means if you made a purchase there between July 3 and July 9, 2024, you need to check your bank for any unknown transactions. Once a criminal gets ahold of your card number and personal identification number, you're in jeopardy of having money stolen from your account.

Make sure to follow the Canton, Missouri Police Department on Facebook for more information and updates on this developing situation.

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