A lot of Missourians are choosing to move to Florida. Good for them. Who wouldn't love sandy beaches and no snow? However, there are many reasons why Missouri people who make that choice are in for a rude awakening about what reality in the Sunshine State really is.

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Here are some moving facts about Missouri residents. According to Stacker, approximately 12,000 Missourians choose to move to Florida every single year. They say it's the 3rd most popular destination for former Show Me State citizens. I have friends that grew up in Missouri that live there now and love it, but even they would say it's different than they expected.

Here's the short version of some things you should know to avoid being shocked:

1. Some Florida people are insane

When I say insane, I don't mean there are many Florida people with mental health challenges. I mean some residents are CRAZY with a capital C. Nearly the entire Smoking Gun website is dedicated to Florida residents doing insane things. Here are a few samples.

I could go on, but for the sake of brevity, I'll leave it at that.

2. It does get cold in Florida

Think you're going to a paradise where it's 70 degrees year round? It's true that Florida is warmer than most of America (and definitely Missouri) during the winter months, but it's not that unusual for many parts of Florida to get down into the 40's.

3. It does snow in Florida

If you choose the northern panhandle part of Florida, you're likely to see snow sooner or later in Florida. No, it's not the walls of snow Missouri gets, but it does happen.

4. Florida has more lakes than Missouri

When you think of Florida, you likely think of ocean and that's accurate. But, it also has more than 7,700 lakes which is way more than Missouri.

5. Alligators

Everywhere you go in Florida, there is a chance you'll get eaten by a gator. As long as you're good with that, go for it. They're waiting.

If you are one of the many choosing to leave Missouri for Florida, I wish you the best. My advice is to do your research so you don't get big surprises once you unload the moving truck.

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