Illinois faces the chance that records could be broken this week as a heatwave surges in late September across the Land of Lincoln.

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According to a post from the US National Weather Service Central Illinois on their Facebook page, Illinois could be in for a record-breaking week as far as temperatures go. The post calls for high temperatures today (September 27th, 2021) that rival temps not seen in over 100 years, Peoria's forecasted high of 90 degrees would tie the record high for this date set wayyyyy back in the year 1891. Meanwhile, in Springfield, the forecasted high of 91 degrees would tie the record for temps on this date but that was set back only two years ago in 2019. To see the post for yourself just click here!

The Facebook page for the US National Weather Service Central Illinois goes on to have posts talking about this above normal late September heatwave we are experiencing, in one post they say it has something to do with winds being brought into the Midwest from the very hot Southwest.

Do you like this heatwave we are getting in the early fall? I got to be honest I absolutely hate having to deal with this. I am the type of person that loves just being able to put the summer clothes away and never have to worry about them again until next spring, but this constant going back and forth between jeans and shorts is annoying. Also, I might add my air conditioner needs a break, my energy bills have been through the roof and this late heatwave isn't helping at all.

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