The bar is celebrating 175 years of being in business and the history that is behind the bar is as interesting as it gets, I have officially decided I need to drink a beer at this place this summer!

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I saw this headline from and I just had to read the article, the headline is "The Oldest Bar in Illinois has a Fascinating History" that bar is the Long Grove Village Tavern located in Long Grove, Illinois which is about 35 miles north and west of downtown Chicago. So what is so fascinating about the history of the oldest bar in Illinois? Well in the article they say...

" Long Grove Tavern has plenty of tales to tell to visitors interested in history. Originally the Zimmer Tavern and Wagon Shop, this bar was granted one of the first, liquor licenses in Lake County...Inside the bar you will find many amazing antiques to admire, such as a grandfather clock from the 1893 World's Fair. The Presidents Bar is the staple attraction. This gorgeous mahogany bar was rescued from the Great McCormick Place Fire in 1967."

To read the entire article on the Grove Village Tavern click here!

I wanted to know more about this legendary bar and so I went to the Grove Village Tavern's website and on the site they say...

"We're known for our variety of freshly ground 1/2 lb. burgers made with freshly ground meat from Dorfler's Meat Market, hearty sandwiches, and homemade soups and salads...The Village Tavern offers a diverse variety of craft brewed beers on tap and in bottles, along with a nice selection of wines and a full bar."

When you click on the menu of the Grove Village Tavern you'll see mouth-watering food selections like the Texas Toast Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon, Blue Cheese Burger, and even old-fashioned root beer floats! Check out the menu for yourself by clicking here! 

I have to add the Grove Village Tavern to my list of MUST Eat places in Illinois, I can't believe I lived in Chicago for years and never heard of this place or made a trip out there. The bar saved from the fire looks gorgeous, the food looks delicious, and the vibe the restaurant gives off seems to fit the history of the building perfectly, here is to hoping it lasts another 175 years!

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