Do you have a favorite restaurant in St. Louis? Or maybe a place that is legendary or unique to only St. Louis? Where should I eat?

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So Memorial Day weekend I will be driving down to St. Louis for a wedding Saturday night, I am trying to keep the trip short because I have my Saturday morning sports show "On The Mark" that gets done at 10am on KHMO 1070-AM, and the wedding starts at 6pm Saturday night, plus I will be leaving early back to Quincy Sunday morning to get home to my dog Murphy (Sam is graciously watching him Saturday night). So that's my dilemma, I have enough time to have lunch at ONE spot in St. Louis, and I want to make it count, so where do I eat?

I have had a couple suggestions over the two years of living in the Tri-States, here is a list of the places that I'm considering...

  • Imo's Pizza- I've never had it! And some people say its awful and not worth my time's a classic St. Louis thing, like a Chicago style hotdog, so this is high on my list.
  •  Gus' Pretzels - Heard about this place on the food network, I love pretzels and these things look incredible! it lunch worthy...?
  • Twisted Ranch - This place I first heard about from a Facebook video that was about the best places in the country for fries. They have 40 different ranch sauces, it's like heaven on Earth, BUT...will I over eat and then not be able to dance at the wedding?

If you have any suggestions PLEASE comment on this post and let me know! I am open to anything, you can also get in touch with me by following me on Twitter and Instagram @MarkHespen.

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