Here's a sign I came across a while back at the baseball field behind the elementary school in New London, Missouri. Don't we all know at least one person that could stand to take a close look at this?

You Do Not Play for the Cardinals
Kurt Parsons

Sometimes you can find businesses that also like to have fun with their signs. “You can observe a lot by watching" is something I saw not long ago out front of a local business.

You'll also occasionally go by signs that are kind of bold. I took a road trip to Springfield, MO a few weekends ago and went past a place in a little bitty town that had their entire front yard full of hand-painted signs. Honestly, I have no idea what point they were trying to make. It was impossible to take it all in as I zoomed by at 65 mph. I did see the words "Hillary," "Obama," "Trump," "Democrats" and "Republicans." From the looks of things, they weren't very happy with anybody. I didn't stop to investigate further.

Social media is also full of funny signs outside of businesses, churches and government organizations. I recall seeing a picture on Facebook around Super Bowl time of a church. The sign out front read: "God doesn't have favorites, but the pastor does. Go Broncos." About a week ago there was a pic being shared of a Dairy Queen sign. It read: "Scream until daddy stops."

Have you come across any funny signs that made you laugh out loud? What did they say?

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