A video of Garth Brooks serenading a brave cancer patient went viral over the weekend, and this week, the superstar got a touching personal visit with her courtesy of 'Entertainment Tonight.'

Brooks was performing in Minneapolis on Friday night (Nov. 7) when he noticed Teresa Shaw of Osage, Iowa in the audience. She was holding a sign that said “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight … Enjoying ‘The Dance.’”

The star brought Shaw forward to the edge of the stage, where he delivered a personal performance of 'The Dance' to his longtime fan. He gave her his acoustic guitar and proclaimed, “You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here and you will kick cancer’s a--!”

Garth sat down on Tuesday morning (Nov. 11) with 'ET' host Nancy O'Dell to discuss his new album, 'Man Against Machine,' and his world tour, and the topic turned to Shaw.

"We're doing two shows some nights, back to back, so we do four shows in 24 hours and you're looking at the drummer and he's peeling skin off his fingers and you're looking at everybody and everybody's trying to stay up," Brooks said. "That's a big ask for these people to do that. And then you see someone with a sign that says, 'Chemo This Morning,' and you're like, 'Am I really b--ching about anything? Really?' It put it all in perspective. Caught me off guard, but she was so sweet and her face just said it all."

That's when O'Dell told the surprised star that the show had flown Shaw in to meet with him. The brave woman came out holding the guitar Garth had given her.

"The music helps me -- the music has always helped me through situations," she told him. "I love your music."

With that, Brooks took the guitar from her and gave another, more intimate performance of 'The Dance.' According to ET's website, Brooks told Shaw he will keep her handmade sign in his locker for the duration of the tour "because of the strength it will bring."

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