Over the past few weeks I've told stories about my favorite experiences meeting country stars, and this week it's time for my all time favorites, The Oak Ridge Boys.

I've been a gigantic Oaks fan my whole life. The first record I ever bought was their debut country album 'Ya'll Come Back Saloon' (they had been together as a gospel group for years prior). I credit them and their unmistakable four part harmony in large part for helping build my passion for music, and singing as I did through high school and college. I've told people before that Duane Allen taught me how to sing. Not literally of course... but singing along with all of my Oaks albums growing up and emulating the groups oft-lead singer helped me learn how to not only carry a tune, but taught me about harmony and singing harmony.

Every music lover has a true favorite, an artist that they look up to and admire above all others, and for me no one else comes close to Duane, William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall and Richard Sterban... The Oak Ridge Boys.

Here's my story about meeting my idols... and one in particular.

On a related note, The Oaks annual Christmas tour will make a stop at The Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois on Wednesday, December 3. Tickets for the 'Christmas Night Out' show which features the group doing their favorite Christmas songs, as well as many of their hits, are on sale now online. Prices range from $35 to $45 and $55.