A Flight Attendant is spilling the truth about Airplane coffee...

Most of us haven't been on an airplane in a long time, for those of us who are lucky enough to travel in our lives, travel has by plane has been less and less the past 9 months due to COVID-19. But Coronavirus will eventually be under control and the world will go back to the pre mask, pre travel restriction days, and when it does we will ALL want to travel as much as possible. So here's some advice for the next time you get on an airplane DONT drink the Coffee or Tea.

Buzzfeed posted an article today (to see the article click here) about a TikTok going viral, in the TikTok video a flight attendant spill the tea (no pun intended) about what you should and shouldn't eat and drink on airplanes. And apparently coffee and tea are atop the list of things to avoid. She says in the video (click here to check it out for yourself) that the water they use to make the coffee and tea you get on a flight comes from the water tanks on the planes, these tanks are filled regularly but RARELY cleaned... EWWWWW!!!! So the water that they use to make the coffee and tea has a high chance of being nasty, she said to only get things on the plane that come from a bottle or can.

Now if you listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" then you know I don't drink tea or coffee, so I would never run into this problem, BUT I felt it my civic duty to help spread the word to all of you. The next time you get on a plane pass on the coffee and tea and do what I do...go straight for the whiskey!

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