An interesting story was trending on Facebook last summer about the "Lizard Man" that supposedly lives in Bishopville, South Carolina. I had never heard of the Lizard Man. I have heard about reptile men, the Moth Man, chupacabras, and of course, Momo, the Missouri Monster.


The story of Momo brought national attention to northeast Missouri in the 1970s. Momo was a Bigfoot-like creature that was reportedly spotted around Louisiana. Momo's story has been the subject of books, at least one song, and was featured on an episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America in the show's second season.

Footage of the South Carolina Lizard Man was supposedly captured by a hunter and posted on the internet, which is why the creature was a trending topic on social media. It's too bad there weren't cell phone cameras in the 70s to get images and video of Momo.

Opinion on Momo is divided. Some swear that the monster is real, others say it was all a hoax. Here are a few comments shared with us about Momo:

  • I lived there and yes it was real!
  • I have lived here for 44 years, no way he is real
  • My great grandpa who was sheriff back then shot Momo!
  • People are silly if they believe this!