It's not that common to see a buffalo in Missouri. It's even more rare to see a white one, but that's exactly what happened in Macon, Missouri this year.

I have to confess that I came across this video almost by pure accident. I saw a story about bison in Missouri on Only in Your State. That led me on a brief search of YouTube to see if I could find video of the buffalo/bison mentioned. This video showing a white buffalo in Macon appeared and I had to know more. Here's how they described it:

This video was taken at Loli Brothers Sale barn in Macon Missouri at the annual Missouri Bison Association auction

Come to find out, this white bison is still in Missouri. According to a video report by KSDK, it's being kept in Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and has been given the name Takoda. They shared that the Sioux Indians use "Takoda" as a meaning of a "friend to everyone".

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is on the Missouri/Arkansas border and is described as an "Ozark Oasis" with a total of 25 bison including Takoda. Their website indicates they offer wildlife tours where you could see the bison along with other animals in their park safely from inside of an open vehicle.

This is how I ended up on a wild rabbit trail internet search that resulted in a white bison. Thank you, internet, for being you.

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