This giant metal dragon is a roadside attraction the likes I have never seen before, and I had no idea it was here in central Illinois!

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I've been spending more and more time recently trying to plan summer road trips with a couple of my friends, and we've been wanting to do something different then just going to Chicago or St. Louis. So I was looking online at trying to find places to take a day long trip too and I stumbled upon a thing called the Kaskaskia Dragon...

According to their is a giant metal dragon that is a real roadside attraction, the site says...

"Buy a “dragon coin” from the liquor store across the road, drop it in the coin-box and this 35-foot tall metal dragon starts breathing fire, eyes glowing red. It’ll keep going for 10 minutes—perfect time to get your photos and selfies."


So I did a little more digging and searched Google for more information on the Kaskaskia Dragon, and I found a site called and on the site they say the Dragon is located in Vandalia, Illinois which according to Google Maps is only 180 something miles from Quincy, and the Kaskaskia river runs through the town, which is where I assume the name for the Dragon comes from. Learn more about the Kaskaskia Dragon by clicking here! I think this is something that would be a ton of fun to go check out with the kids, or take some friends too!

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