The World Series is a great time to honor some of baseball's greats by having them throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Unfortunately, Major League Baseball (MLB) has missed yet another opportunity by not inviting two people to have that honor at a World Series game.

Who are those two people?  They are actor Charlie Sheen and broadcaster Bob Uecker, the two stars of the all-time baseball classic movie "Major League". MLB should have had them toss out the first pitch in Cleveland when the Indians played the Cubs back in 2016.

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Sheen played "Ricky Vaughn", a rookie relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, in the larger than life baseball movie "Major League". How fitting would it have been for the Indians to have Sheen in a Cleveland uniform come in from the bullpen with the song "Wild Thing" playing and throw out the first pitch prior to a game during that 2016 World Series? Sheen has stated in the past that he would love to do it.

It would also be great if Bob Uecker, who is 86 years old and a broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers, could do the play-by-play of that first pitch. But time is running out for it to happen. With Uecker's advancing age, baseball just might be missing a great opportunity to see Charlie Sheen (a.k.a.."Ricky Vaughn") in his black skull and crossbones glasses reenacting the firing a fastball somewhere wide of home plate all the way to the backstop and to hear Bob Uecker broadcast the pitch saying the iconic line "juuuust a bit outside". Come on MLB, let's make this happen soon. Baseball fans everywhere want to see it.

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